Weight Lifting Stereotypes


A co-worker and I were having a discussion about weight lifting today. He has lost a lot of weight, gained muscle, and really toned up  through power lifting. I was telling him about CrossFit, and we were talking about different lifts and movements. Another co-worker, who over heard our conversation, looked at me and said, "I would have never guessed that "you" were into weightlifting, you're so tiny". The comment was harmless...yes I know this...but it really made me think about weightlifting and stereotypes. Did he not think I could lift weights because I'm a woman or did he think that since I lift weights I should be some sort of huge female, hulk-like creature? This comment truly made me think about how weightlifting is portrayed and what misconceptions the general public has about it.

Certainly, events like the CrossFit games are having a significant impact in helping  to break the misconceptions of weightlifting. Male competitors are in fact very intelligent people, and yes women compete too...these are two of the biggest stereotypes for weight lifting: brainless, brawny men weight lift and women are too meek to be taken seriously...thankfully this mentality is changing...

Here are two articles touching on some common weightlifting stereotypes of  both men and women! Enjoy!