Socks, Water Bottles, Jump Ropes and FUN!!


The Enough CrossFit Beyond Event in cooperation with Pastor Charlie's Field Day ended with approximately 250 kids plus adults in attendance. We had a HUGE obstacle course, tire flips, and farmer carries. We did air squats to "Baby" and handed out hundreds of prizes for an end of the summer celebration. The Summer camps were comprised of Shane, Karli, Adrienne and myself traveling to 8 different locations in 6 weeks showing CrossFit movements, Olympic movements and FUN obstacle courses.

obstacle course

The "BEST" thing was coming back to the parks and hearing "Are we going to do CrossFit today"!!!!!!!
AWESOME.... but then you knew what was coming next? Where's Shane? Where's Karli? even Adrienne going out only a couple of times was missed (what am I chopped liver?)

In all honestly I was very thrilled to have them on board. They are great with kids and great to work with!

And of course this would have never happened if we didn't have the support from the Albany District Attorney's Office.
If not for David Soares this would not have happened.



and of course REEBOK for donating 200 socks to distribute!!! That was awesome! Thank you Bryant Mitchell!!

I can't thank you enough for your support. I would have never been able to do it without you.
Joe, (my silent rock and spiritual partner) Deb, (my setup crew) Lou, Amy, Jerry, Bill (my obstacle course team!!) Shane{& Karli},(the best camp trainers ever!) and Adrienne (the best assistant anyone could ask for)
THANK YOU!!! I love and appreciate you guys!
Of course there are many more back on the home front that I know would have been there if there was a way..... Brian :)



Awesome Explosive Seminar


Thank You to Ryan Moody from XWOD. Ryan was here this past weekend teaching us some really cool things!. Ways to get those hips moving, jump higher, run faster, explode out from those cleans.... and then to treat us to some entertainment Ryan showed us some pretty impressive jumps!!

The highlight was Andre´s doing a very (very) hard movement, a kneeing pistol. CHECK IT OUT!

Ryan will be coming back! Look for more information of a date coming soon!!

Immediate Press Release

So what have Joy, myself, Karli, and Shane been up to all summer? Here's what! It has been a busy but fun summer for all of us!

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REEBOK, finds local youth program worthy of support, this coming Friday, August 23, 2013

Bryant Mitchell, Manager of Community Services, Reebok, announced on August 20, 2013 that Reebok would be sending 200 Reebok socks to distribute at the Enough CrossFit Beyond Olympic Event coming up on Friday, August 23, 2013.200socks

Not only has a national company found interest, but the CDTA of Albany has also been a supporter in the program by supplying teens a way of getting to CrossFit Beyond for the summer.

The Enough CrossFit Beyond Summer Camps will end their summer program at Swinburne Park, with CrossFit Games. The youth program began this summer with the support of The District Attorney’s Office partnering with CrossFit Beyond of 952 Broadway, Albany. The event will take place between 11-2pm with David Soares, Albany County District Attorney presenting awards and prizes from 12:30-1:00pm

The mission was to provide health & fitness to over 200 children at a dozen locations. Ages ranging from 4-17. Providing a safe environment while promoting a lifestyle filled with fun and healthy fitness. Trainers from CrossFit Beyond hit the streets and parks teaching CrossFit movements, Olympic lifting, as well as basic body weight movements through obstacle courses and fun games.

The program, provided by the DA's office, was established to help youth, their families, and subsequently their communities face the challenges of life in a positive, healthy, and productive way. Leading our youth into healthy, strong members of our communities.

The program has worked with such organizations as The Girls and Boys Club, Brighter Choice Charter School, Albany Park and Recreation, St. Anne’s Institute, Girls Inc., Samaritan Children’s Center, The GWU Center, PAL, Albany Police Dept., Explorers, Trinity Alliance, Equinox, Albany Housing Authority and the Enough Park Programs.

CrossFit Beyond began it’s youth programs 3 years ago when it opened it’s doors to inner city teens for Friday Teen Night. The program is called the Albany Chain Breakers and it is a free program open to any teen wishing to learn about CrossFit. The organization was created to serve as a gateway between teens and a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Owner, Joy Smolinski states that the CrossFit Beyond slogan is, “Going Beyond Fitness”. They are committed to inspiring hope, creating a healthy lifestyle and developing stability, physical fitness and success in our youth and in the community. Their building is a safe haven, an environment which provides a safe place for teens to find their identity, be mentored and to build self esteem. The Albany Chain Breakers uses CrossFit to encourage teens to work cooperatively in individual and team situations while learning and enhancing social skills.

Building our communities up in a positive environment is just one the missions they have. CrossFit Beyond has taken on an approach of leading their dozen plus Albany Police Officers into “Bridging the gap between men in blue and teens”. Holding events and fund raisers has been only some of the great opportunities bringing the community together and making a positive and powerful statement in downtown Albany.

CrossFit Beyond, Joy Smolinski, Owner/Head Trainer, 952 Broadway, Albany, NY • 518-810-5794 •


Survey Reminder

Just a reminder...

Joy and I are in the process of planning a Fall Night Out for all CrossFit Beyond Members, and their family and friends. However, before any serious planning can begin, we need to decide on a date for this wonderful get together! Please take the survey here or on our Facebook Page.

This survey will be taken down on Thursday night, so please be sure to take it as soon as possible! As of right now, there are only 20 people who have taken the survey...You don't want to miss this event so please vote on the date that works best for you! Happy Tuesday :)