We have a new refrigerator!!


You will notice something new in the kitchen today...a refrigerator! Whoo hoo! We have teamed up with Saratoga Water and will be selling bottled water and Vita Coco Coconut Water. Under a contract agreement, the top shelves must be used for the retail products that we are selling...BUT...the bottom shelf can be used for personal use!


Also we will be  getting a freezer from Buckley Farm and selling grass fed meat products very soon! More details to come!

$6,700 raised for Barbells for Boobs!!!!


To say that our first year doing Barbells for Boobs at CrossFit Beyond was a success, would be an understatement. Not only was it successful, but it went far beyond all of our expectations! We not only surpassed our $2,500 goal, we CRUSHED it and raised $6,700!! Of course this would not have been possible without the immense support of our members, their family, and friends, and other local CrossFit boxes in the area (Albany CrossFit, Collar City, Feral CrossFit). The overwhelming amount of support that we received was more than we ever could have imagined! From Mo our DJ to Shane throwing an after party at Professor M. Barley's-Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this event a success! We really couldn't have done it without you! We can't wait until next year!

All of the photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page (Courtesy of Frank McDonagh's photography skills) and will be in the photo section of the website within the coming week.


Barbells For Boobs-Final Details!


Hello Barbell for Boobs Athletes!!!

The day is FINALLY approaching and we are looking forward to having a very good charity "competition" with about 30 teams in both scaled/ Rx/ and Competitors Rx divisions participating.

To remind all athletes - the WOD's, yes WOD's, are "Helen meets Grace"

This is a two-person team workout with one person working at a time, except for the 400m runs, which must be performed together. As with all CrossFit workouts, everything is scaleable (all CrossFit Beyond athletes started with PVC pipes before lifting heavier weights).

Helen consists of three rounds of: 400 meter run (both partners run together); 21 kettlebell swings; (Rx 53/35#) and 12 pull-ups.

-          Competitors will be encouraged to do Chest to Bar pull-ups and 70/55# kettlebell swings.

-          Partners can tag-team in and out of the kettlebell swings and/or pull-ups as needed.

-          Once all three rounds of Helen are complete, the team immediately moves on to perform:

Grace which consists of 30 clean and jerks (Rx 135/95#) as fast as possible, partitioned in any fashion between the two team members.

-          Again, for competitors, this weight will be 185/115#. The score is the total time for the team to complete both workouts.

Scaled weights:

Men 75lb C&J, 45lb kettle-bell, banded pull-ups

Women 45lb C&J, 25lb kettle-bell, banded pull-ups

REGISTRATION -  10AM registration will begin. We encourage all athletes to be there BEFORE 10:30, as you will need to find parking, register and warm-up. First Heat will shortly begin right after opening announcements and a quick WOD briefing one last time. 

PARKING - The CrossFit Beyond parking lot will be blocked off due to some stations being outside and to keep lanes open for running. Parking is available along North Pearl St. and Broadway. We plan on having parking attendants to help, but that is NOT a guarantee as of yet. 

AFTER PARTY - After the event is over, a member of Crossfit Beyond will be hosting an after party at his establishment. The place is called Professor M. Barley's. It is about 5-10 minutes away from the box and directions will be available at Crossfit Beyond. The owner will be donating 10% of profit made during this time to Barbell for Boobs and even offering some paleo options to go along with other selected menu items available. 

PRIZES/CHINESE RAFFLE/WATER/T-SHIRTS - Prizes will be awarded to 1st place winners in each division, as well as for the person that raised the most money and best costume! So come in PINK!!!! Men in bras is ENCOURAGED! There will also be a Chinese raffle taking place during the event with numerous prizes that are available to try to win (Wine basket, Reebok basket, Starbucks basket, Givebug gym bag - just to name a few). Water will be available during the event for $1 (which all proceeds go to Barbell for Boobs). Crossfit Beyond t-shirts will be on sale for $20, with $10 from each shirt being donated to Barbell for Boobs.




-Joy, Matt, Adrienne and the Crossfit Beyond community


Barbells For Boobs Official After Party!


The fun and excitement doesn't end once the Barbells For Boobs event is over. CrossFit Beyond is also hosting an after party- Beers For Boobs at Professor M. Barley's Pub and Restaurant in Albany. One of our very own trainers, Shane Healy, owns this restaurant, and has generously offered to donate a percentage of the checks to Barbells For Boobs. Wear your costumes and join us for an after party to celebrate all of your hard work in supporting such a worthwhile cause!

Professor M. Barley's is located at:

214 Western Ave  Albany, NY 12203

A huge thank you to Shane for helping us host our After Party! We will re-pay you in oreo cookies :)