Spotlight Athlete-Mo!!

This week's Spotlight Athlete is Mo!  Mo attends CrossFit classes at all different times! You might catch him at the 7am class, or the 4pm never know! Mo is a master of many talents...CrossFit, comedian, and all about him below!


When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?


Back in July of 2013 I decide join because I was unhappy with my level of fitness. After talking to a few friends who were doing Crossfit and hearing about all the cramazing (that’s a word that combines crazy and amazing) things they were doing, I decided today is the day! So I got my lazy butt off the couch and sat it right back down but this time with a laptop to sign up.


What fitness activities were you doing before?


I was mostly running and playing flag football once a week. Both were so-so, but I found myself exhausted quickly and taking a long time to recover.
Other than that, my lifestyle wasn’t that healthy (excessive drinking, terrible diet, the occasional bare knuckle boxing in the basement of some seedy bar off the highway near some Podunk town in the south, etc).


What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

My overall strength is ridiculous now compared to how I used to be, but also my quick recovery. Simply taking 5 to 10 seconds will give me enough energy to power through a WOD.


Also my new found abilities to do some crazy things. Back in August I did an almost 4 foot running box jump, which I had no idea I could do. Later that night I became a vigilante superhero.


 What do you like most about CF?


I love the community with Crossfit. We could barely know each other but if we are in a partner WOD, we’re best friends at the end. Even with other Crossfitters, much like veterans, we have a mutual respect and understanding of one another because after a WOD, we feel like we’ve been through war, and only other Crossfitters can truly understand and relate with that.


I also love how it is instilled inside of us that we don’t quit. No matter how long it takes, no matter how heavy the weights are or high the reps are, we finish the WOD. That euphoric high is better than anything in the world, which is probably why we all keep coming back.


What is your favorite CF exercise?


Me and Sit ups are pretty good friends, but now that friendship has to be shared with my new found love, Power Cleans.  


 Your least favorite?


If I was a superhero, Thrusters, Wall Balls,  and Toes to Bars would be my villains, but my arch nemesis, the one I cannot defeat no matter how hard I try, he haunts me in my sleep and every time something goes wrong I scream out in anger: I HATE YOU BURPEES!


What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?


My 315lb 1RM for Deadlifts pretty much blew my mind. Also when I ran the Urban Raid Albany with the Crossfit Beyond team, I placed 6th for my age and 18th overall that too was pretty wild.


 What CF goal are you working towards?


Though I have only been doing it for over 6 months now, I would like to compete somewhere, not with any expectations of doing well, but just to set a bar for myself to work towards (I am a goal oriented kind of guy).


But until then, I would like to get better at kipping and eventually a muscle up (a bar muscle up the rings will have to wait) and handstand pushups, I just got inverted last month, it was pretty cool.


I also want to conquer my fear of bears by wrestling one with my bare hands; I think CF can help with me with that right? (Anyone catch that bear hands pun?)