Advocare Information Session

On Wednesday April 16th from 4-7pm, join CrossFit Beyond member Jason Menelaos for an information mixer on how Advocare can help you spring clean your body, break through a plateau, and improve strength and performance to get a toned, lean, and strong body. Learn about the benefits of the Advocare 24 day challenge.

Look for a sign up sheet with 30 min time slots near the white board towards the end of the week. If you are interested in an information session please sign up so that we can get an idea of how many people to expect.


Jason got involved with Advocare just over a year ago, when his good friends introduced him to the product line.  Jason says, "My first experience with Advocare products was the 24 day challenge. It's a nutrition/ supplement program that helps people develop a clean way of eating along with incorporating high quality based supplements. Such as a food based cleanse, multi vitamin, omegas, branch chain amino acids, a checklist which is your guide for the program, grocery list, free coaching and much more. Advocare also has a great business plan!"
Jason also shares this information about Advocare:

Some of the info that got my attention with this company and product:

20+ year old company, with highest rating in DSA "Excellence Standards". On track to hit a billion in sales this year.

1) Advocare has the highest level of "unpaid endorsers" , Professional Athletes, Olympic Athletes, including crossfit champions/trainers Rich Froning 3 x world Champ , Drew Bree's, Jason Whitten .....

2) Safety, "Informed Choice testing"  (this was huge for me as a gym owner, my reputation and comfort level sharing with my clients. Peace of mind for product users.

3) Created by a medical Team, the Science Behind the products, world class.

4) Top Coaches, Trainers on the Sports Advisory Council:

5) A Solution for almost every client I encounter locally and online,  product lines (Trim, Active, Performance Elite, Wellness).

6) Build income 5 ways, build residual income. Help a ton of people along the way.

Don't miss out!