Spread the Word-This is going to be HUGE!!

Over the past few weeks several of our coaches, and members have been bringing CrossFit to children all over Albany County through the Enough CrossFit Beyond Program. This program is sponsored by the Albany County District Attorney's Office in cooperation with CrossFit Beyond. Our mission is to provide youth with opportunities for success by setting healthy goals from a fitness perspective. We strive to provide health and fitness to over 200 children at a dozen locations. Promoting a lifestyle filled with fun, healthy fitness, while bringing neighborhoods and communities together.

We are very excited and honored to be holding the end of summer camp event right here at CrossFit Beyond! Read all of the details below and please help us to spread the word about this amazing event!


Thursday August 14 from 10-2pm 

We are planning on 150+ kids.

DA's Office - Give -a-ways..... Camp Shirts, water bottles, jump ropes

Reebok - 200 socks donated

Panera - lunch  bagels and cookies

Descrente - beverages  water and juices

CDPHP - table, activities, hand outs

Clown face painting

Kids Yoga

CrossFit Obstacle course

Fire Truck

Police Car

Mounted Horses

National Guard Rock Wall

Olympic indoor activities... coloring, word games, indoor games.

The DA will be here, the media will be here!!


If anyone has suggestions on where to promote this.... or vendors who would like to participate let us know .....ALL KIDS are invited.... transportation "is" provided to organized facilities!!! This will be HUGE!!!  This is FREE... let's get the word out!!