This Monday Night- 10/20 Advocare Information!



CrossFit Beyond member, Jason Menelaos with be holding information sessions, and selling Advocare products during the 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm classes, this coming Monday, October 20th. Don't miss out! If you are interested in learning about Advocare products and their benefits, this is a wonderful opportunity!


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What is the Challenge? Click here to Listen in

1) Learn to Eat Properly with a Macro-Nutrient Meal    Plan, real food, 5-6 meals a day, checklist to follow!

2) Fill Nutritional Gaps with World Class Supplementscreated by Medical Professionals

3) Build in Exercise your gym or at Home with the Can U 24 DVD (featuring Diamond Liz Cort)






*Order the 24 Day Challenge and also a BOTTLE of CATALYST*

You Will then Receive (via email)


  • Free Coaching (from your mentor)

  • Free meal plan to follow (24 day checklist)
     *We have Vegetarian program also

  • Free Support Group

  • Free Recipe Book

  • Free Grocery Shopping List

  • Free Mobile App tracker