Spotlight Athlete-Kristi!!


This week's spotlight athlete is Kristi! Kristi is a morning class attendee but you will also catch her during competitors class, and body conditioning class! Read on to learn more about Kristi's awesome story!

When/Why did you first start doing CrossFit?

I started doing CrossFit a year ago when my cousins got me into it.  I was hesitant to start but could not imagine having not started! It’s by far the best way to start my day. I started CrossFit because I really liked the idea of working out with others and having some friendly competition to stay motivated day in and day out. 

What fitness activities were you doing before?

Before I started CrossFit I was running and doing some resistance training at planet fitness.  I’ve always been into athletics and nutrition and always played sports growing up.  I lived for basketball and couldn’t imagine not playing once I was out of school, but I have to say I think CrossFit is now equal with basketball.

What results have you seen since you joined CrossFit Beyond?

My strength has definitely increased and I feel like fitness has a new meaning, but I can’t believe how much my endurance and agility has increased.  Even when I was most into basketball I didn’t feel like I could move the way I can now.  It’s amazing how my endurance has increased. 

What do you like most about CrossFit Beyond?

I really enjoy the people I have met through CrossFit.  The friendships I have made have really been great and so meaningful.  I also really enjoy learning all the different movements and the whole teaching part of CrossFit. 

What is your favorite CF exercise? Your least favorite?

My favorite CrossFit exercise is rope climbs and box jumps.  I also like the bench press and the deadlift.  My least favorite is back squats and the snatch. The snatch scares me and back squats just always feel too darn heavy!

What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

I am most proud of my mile run time.  When I was in high school and college I was always known to be very slow and could never imagine getting a sub 8min mile.  When I ran a 6:56 min mile this summer I had to look at the clock 3 times to make sure it was right, I couldn’t believe it!

What CF goal are you working towards?

I want a muscle up really really bad…