Upcoming Events!!


A few upcoming events at CrossFit Beyond! Don't miss out!


**The Vitamin Shoppe will be setting up a booth at CrossFit Beyond on Monday, April 20th from 4:30-6:00pm!!

There will be free samples available as well as free magazines, coupons, and a raffle! Make a point to stop down and take advantage of all the free goodies from our friends at the Vitamin Shoppee!



**Introduction to Essential Oils!!

Join us for a free class, on Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm, to learn how to support your body's health naturally, safely, and more effectively! This class will provide an overview of essential oils -- what they are and how to use them -- and will focus on oils that can specifically benefit CrossFit athletes, for both performance and recovery. Essential oils are powerful and effective and can be used as alternatives to pharmaceuticals to soothe and reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and reduce soreness.

Come experience certified pure therapeutic grade oils for yourself and learn how they can offer natural solutions for you and your family. Local wellness advocate, Felice Devine, will lead the class and will have plenty of essential oils on hand for you to sample and enjoy!

Sign up on the whiteboard at the gym or on our Facebook Event Page!