Spotlight Athlete-Michie!!


This week's Spotlight Athlete is Michie! Michie  is a morning class attendee, who joined CrossFit Beyond 6 months ago. Read on to learn more about Michie's story of success with CrossFit!

When and Why did you first start doing Crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit about 6 months ago after many of my friends and teammates had suggested it. I started because I wanted to get stronger and more fit to play rugby in my off season.


What fitness activities were you doing before?

I was doing machines/running at the gym and playing rugby with the Albany Knickerbockers, along with hiking and various other outdoor activities.


What results have you seen since you joined Crossfit Beyond?

I have seen amazing results in only 6 months. I can make it through a full rugby match (80 minutes) like it's nothing. I feel myself running faster in games and hitting harder. All around, I feel stronger, happier, and like I have way more endurance since joining Crossfit.
What do you like most about CrossFit Beyond?

I like the environment and the people most! It's a really positive and motivating place. I find that I do way more than I ever would do by myself.


What is your favorite CF exercise?

My favorite CF exercises are back squats, wall balls, and box jumps.


What is your least favorite CF exercise?

My least favorite CF exercises are snatches and dead lifts.


What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

Most recently, I did half of the monkey bars outside the box. I'm super proud of this because it's something I never thought I'd be able to do. I'm also really proud that I can do a wall handstand, which I had similar feelings about when I started.
What CF goal are you working towards?

I want that bell! I am working towards doing the rope climb and also doing a pullup without a band.