Thursday July 28th!!


Important Information and reminders about next Thursday, July 28th!

We are having 500 children come to our gym to celebrate the 2016 Summer of Kindness Event from 9am until 2pm. We have  again partnered up with the Albany District Attorney's office this summer to teach about Healthy, Positive Behavior, through Random Acts of Kindness while Staying Fit!

  • We are still in need of volunteer and vendors...please contact us if you are interested!

  • The 6am and 7am class will be treated as Open Gym...there will be a workout posted but there will not be coaching during those class times. Work on strength or do the workout...your choice! Plan accordingly!

  • There will be NO NOON CLASS that day.

  • We are excited to be hosting this event again this year! If you can help out please do! Or come and check it out!

Summer of Kindness

13710457_894851884280_6378402932965987751_oGREAT things are happening through the DA's Office!!!

CrossFit Beyond is out and about teaching about Healthy, Positive Behavior. Through Random Acts of Kindness to Staying Fit is what our wonderful staff members are teaching this summer, reaching out to 500 Kids!!!

Stop down to CrossFit Beyond, THURSDAY, July 28th 9-2 when ALL 500 will be there celebrating at the 2016 Summer of Kindness Event.

July Strict Pull Up Challenge!


As a way to really focus and work on our upper body strength, CrossFit Beyond is having a strict pull-up challenge for the month of July! All members are required to do 100 STRICT  pull-ups in 31 days!!

Scaling options are of course available for everyone- whether you can't do a strict pull up (yet) or you can do 100 in ten minutes, challenge yourself and have fun with it! Here are the scaling options and directions:


1. No Bands allowed :) If you are unable to do a strict pull-up from the bar, do strict pull ups from a rack, using a box (They are a progression to pull ups and just as challenging!)

2. If you can already do strict pull ups easily, GO HIGHER!! Try weighted strict pull-ups or weighted chest to bar strict pull ups!


1. Find your name on the  huge wall chart

2. Everyday that you come into CrossFit Beyond, try to do a few strict pull-ups when you have time (Before class, after class, during open gym)

3. Shade in the number of strict pull-ups that you complete each day

4. Remember-you have 31 days to get 100!

Good luck everyone!!

Vendors and Volunteers needed for Kids Summer Camp Event on Thurs. 7/28!


We are looking for vendors who would be interested in doing children activities, as well as volunteers to help out with our End of Summer Kids Camp Event on Thursday, July 28th!

CrossFit Beyond is traveling to multiple summer camps throughout Albany County from July 5th-August 10th, and bringing CrossFit to hundreds of children in the community.

Our mission is to provide youth with opportunities for success by setting healthy goals from a fitness perspective. We strive to provide health and fitness to hundreds of  children at multiple locations throughout Albany County. This promotes a lifestyle filled with fun, health, and fitness, while bringing neighborhoods and communities together.

We are very excited and honored to be holding the end of summer camp event right here at CrossFit Beyond on Thursday, July 28th! We need your help!

We are looking for vendors who can provide some type of activity and/or entertainment for the children during our event! W

We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to help us set up, breakdown, work the event, or make a whole day of it and help out with everything.

The event will run from 9am-2pm and we will need volunteers from 7am-3pm.

Any amount of time that you can donate is greatly appreciated, whether it be for an hour or for the entire day! Lunch will be provided for all volunteers :)

Please e-mail Joy Smolinski at if you are interested in volunteering or have vendor information.