60 Minutes

It's amazing what you can do in just 60 minutes.
Today the Siena Gang had a taste of several new things.

We started off with a mini version of a well named WOD "Griff", running forward AND backwards. Then we went into an empty racquet ball room for my long time favorite
"Rag Time"

OK now that we had both sides of our legs warm, and our upper body we did some skill work.

Tanya, Jennifer, Heather
and Ryan tried out a new kettle bell movements.
"The Turkish Get Up" Nice job on your first day.

Then we did the "Burpee Volume Ladder". I was a little nervous telling everyone that's what we were doing, with fear I was going to get "I Hate Burpees" WELL, I was right.... but we did them anyway and to feel their pain I joined in! One for all and all for one!!
Very respectable rounds. Tanya, 8 (being sick too), Ryan 11 +, Heather, Jennifer and Joy 12.

Not only did we do ALL that today we still had time for some great foam rolling time and rack stretching.

I have to say that was one WELL ROUNDED 60 minutes!


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