Congratulations on our Head Team going strong and hard tonight. It was such a pleasure working with this group tonight. We talked about competing with yourself vs. competing with your fellow athlete..... Not sure we has humans understand that... BUT it was great to see these three go after their own score during the GAME to try and bet their previous time.  ALL three taking 10 seconds or more off their time. THAT IS AWESOME!

FOOTBALL Drills: and what better way to gear up for Superbowl Sunday is to utilize some drills we learned at the CrossFit Football Cert.

The WOD was 5 rounds: 10 Dumbell Thrusters 8#/6#, 5 push ups. Oscar, Stella and Harrison all finished within seconds of each other! It's was really fun to see the ability level of these three are very similar and how hard they pushed themselves on this WOD.

I have to say that squats are improving, technique is getting better and enthusiasm and drive is certainly taking on a new meaning with this Head Team.

The GAME was our trial run for the Character Breakfast CrossFit Beyond will be Demonstrating this Sunday. I think the breakfast and event is going to be so much fun for kids of all ages!


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