Athlete Spotlight- Kristine

I was only planning on doing a spotlight once a week, but I wanted to get this one in before she leaves!

Today's WOD was chosen by Kristine because if you haven't hear, she's leaving us and heading back to California!

When and why did you start Crossfit? I started Crossfit last October because after 4 years of playing DI college softball and a lifetime of organized activities and sports, I had no motivation to workout without having a team or other people to push me. After trying Crossfit for the first time, I was hooked due the constant desire to do better than the person next to me or a name on the board.

What's your favorite WOD?

Probably Fight Gone Bad

Three random facts about you:

1) When I was younger I got asked to audition for the Brady Bunch movie but declined because my brother didn't get asked. 2) My biggest pet peeve while working out is having loose shoes, I tie my shoes so tight that I tend to break the laces and the shoe 3) I'm fascinated by sharks and once got to hold and pet a Tiger Shark.

Plan to keep at CrossFit in Cali?

 I absolutely plan on continuing Crossfit in Cali. I haven't decided
which box yet because I want to check them out in person but I can't
stop crossfitting now.

Definitely going out with a bang, Kristine was a part of the 1st place team in the Competition a few weeks ago!