August Strict Pull-up Challenge!!



As a way to really focus and work on our upper body strength, CrossFit Beyond is having a strict pull-up challenge for the month of November! Members are required to do 100 STRICT  pull-ups in 31 days!!

Scaling options are of course available for everyone- whether you can't do a strict pull up (yet) or you can do 100 in ten minutes, challenge yourself and have fun with it! Here are the scaling options and directions:


1. No Bands allowed :) If you are unable to do a strict pull-up, do body rows instead (They are a progression to pull ups and just as challenging!)

2. If you can already do strict pull ups easily, GO HIGHER!! Try weighted strict pull-ups or weighted chest to bar strict pull ups!


1. Find your name on the  huge wall chart

2. Everyday that you come into CrossFit Beyond, try to do a few strict pull-ups when you have time (Before class, after class, during open gym)

3. Shade in the number of strict pull-ups that you complete each day

4. Remember-you have 31 days to get 100!


Good luck everyone!!