Back Squats & Phase Testing

What do Back Squats and Phase Testing have in common?

Athletes love them! Between the power and strength used in backsquats to the satisfaction of crossing off another test passed is an awesome feeling.

CrossFit Beyond is conducting Phase Testing to evaluate the level of each athlete and then is used to program around our strength and weaknesses. That is the goal.

BUT, the athletes have found the Phase Testing to be FUN. "I can do that!", "let me try that", "How do you do that?", or "I'm going to get that next time!" That's the attitude we want....the desire and passion to work harder, to set goals and to be able to look ahead and say "I CAN DO THAT", "I'M GOING TO DO THAT",.....  "I WILL DO THAT!"

That's the AWESOME "spirit" we have down at CrossFit Beyond these days.....