Big CrossFit Week Coming Up!

Next week is a big week for extra fun.

Monday, January 16th
Nutrition Class

We will hand out information about both the Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet. Explain the difference and tell you our experience on eating clean for several years. We will have food!! So come to the 6pm class work out and enjoy some "good" food afterwards.

Wednesday, January 18th
6pm (this will be in place of our regular class)
Foam Rolling Seminar

with Abby Gillard, PT, DPT, CSCS
CrossFit Beyond has hired Abby to teach us the basic foam rolling techniques, why it is important, how it helps prevent injuries and how it helps if we have been injured. PLEASE don't miss this one. It is a great opportunity to learn from an expert.

Sign up is on the whiteboards.

MORE EXCITING NEWS: Mark Marozzi has joined our staff. Mark will be helping out with the Wednesday night classes at 6pm. Mark has been doing CrossFit for almost 4 years now and has taken several certification classes on lifting. Please join me in welcoming Mark and take advantage of his CrossFit experience. Mark is a great addition to CrossFit Beyond.


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