Blessings “Beyond” Words

I have to be one of the most blessed CrossFit owners. I love the gym we have been blessed with, the overhead doors were awesome today!, the room and all the equipment we have accumulated already is "beyond" words. AND to top everything I LOVE MY ATHELTES!

They come in eager to workout, learn, work hard, have fun and they don't complain about anything.  (well.....most of them)  :)

Seriously I want to give a big shout out to all of the athletes at CrossFit Beyond. We have "unofficially" been in our new garage for only one month and we already have almost two dozen athletes! That certainly blew my accountant and our projections out of the window. We have already surpassed all projections!!

It certainly is true. If you build it they will come! That is why I have to be one of  the happiest CrossFit owners.

Thank you God.