This Month’s On-Ramp Class-Sat. Feb. 10th!!


**If you have been wanting to give CrossFit a try...Join us!!**

This Month's On-Ramp class is Sat. February 10th from 10-4pm

Join us for a Required 1 Day Seminar. 

Learn about CrossFit's Methodology and Theory. Tell us your goals and we'll tell you ours. Learn the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. It's fast, informative and FUN!. Learn how you can enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Get fit, stay fit.

Use this link to sign up now:

Looking for Something Fun to do this Saturday Feb. 3rd??


Looking for something fun to do this coming Saturday, February 3rd?

Take a short road trip to Utica and come out to support several of our members who are participating in a competition with 100 teams!

CrossFit Beyond has three teams who are competing at the RX, Masters and Scaled Division.

This is a HUGE local competition that is in it's 5th year. The "No Weak Links" Competition is one of the largest in Central New York and is put on by CrossFit Mohawk Valley. Come check it out and cheer on our members! It runs from about 8 am- 4pm and there will be several vendors on site as well!

Check out the WOD's and details below:

2018 CrossFit Open & Judge’s Course!!


The CrossFit Open is just a few weeks away! There are two things that we are encouraging our members to do to prepare:

1.Sign up for the CrossFit Open-Cost $20                                                                       Sign up here:     

2. Take the 2018 Judge's Course-Cost $10                                                                        Sign up here:

What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is the first stage of the Games season. This five-week, five-workout competition is held in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. Workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. Anyone who's at least 14 years old can sign up. It's a fun and competitive way to WOD with CrossFitters all over the world! The 2018 Open is taking place from February 22nd - March 26th.

Why Do we encourage members to take the judge's course?

With the CrossFit Open right around the corner, it is strongly encourage that members consider taking the online judges course! Even if you don't decide to judge in an upcoming competition or judge an athlete who is registered for the Open at CrossFit Beyond, the course  itself will at least help you to be a better athlete. It will help you to think about form and technique. Being self aware of your own form and technique is a valuable skill to have as a CrossFit athlete, so if for no other reason but that, members should really take the course.

The course takes you through the basics of being a good judge. After each module, there are a series of written and multiple choice questions, filmed scenarios and freeze-frame judgment calls that will challenge and support your ability to judge human movement in real time. The course is not easy, but should benefit all potential competition judges and even anyone interested in the subtleties of human movement and performance.

**Take notes and record your answers on a piece of paper. If you miss one question you will have to start over.  Having the answers that you have already answered correctly  written down, will get you back to the spot where you left off much faster!!!

The cost for the course is only $10.

The course could take 2+ hours to complete so make sure you do it when you have a good chunk of time available.

The course is mandatory for anyone who plans to judge at Regionals. It is also required for Affiliate Managers who will be validating scores during the Open.

The intent of the course is to set expectations for judging athletes during competition and to review common movement standards. The course will also have revised scenarios where you will watch short segments of a workout and be asked to provide the correct score.

If you plan on doing your Open workouts at an affiliate, you are encouraged to use a registered judge, but it is not required for most participants.

CrossFit Beyond Membership Survey


Attention all members! We want to hear from you!

We would love to have 100% participation from all of our members, in order to establish the most effective means for providing you with updates and events taking place at CrossFit Beyond.

This survey is being produced for the use of CrossFit Beyond and a Graduate Research Marketing Project. The results are anonymous and if you do not wish to provide an answer you do not need to put an answer. The survey can still be submitted without being fully completed. The goal of the survey is to provide information regarding CrossFit Beyond’s demographics and social media presence.

Access the survey using the link below:

“I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun.”

IMG_3508 IMG_3509

"I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night, and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun."

This month's Spotlight Athletes are a father-son duo! They are high energy and impressive to watch in a workout! Kevin and Nick have fun attitudes and are in constant "friendly" competition with each other. Check out their story below!

1. Tell us about yourself

Kevin - I'm 53 years old Bald and formally fat not much more to tell... oh and a Grandfather

I can best be described as:

"I've got a beer-stained t-shirt looking like Joe Dirt
Something 'bout me just ain't right
I'm a cash-stealing, drug-dealing loser without any feeling
I Get trailer trash drunk every night"

Nick - I'm a 15 year old High School student. I like sports and will be playing Football next year for Columbia.  Come out and see me play!

2. When/why did you first start doing crossfit?

Kevin - This April will be 2 years for me.  I never liked the Gym atmosphere. I was working out just lifting weights in the garage one night looking for different exercises and I came across something called CrossFit. After watching a few videos, I tried some of the GIRL WODS like Fran and Cindy and would then do my workout. After a few months I walked in the door at Beyond.

Nick - I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun.  That was about a year ago.

3. What fitness activities were you doing before?

Kevin - what fitness level was I before... I don't think I had a Level. I just lifted in the garage.

Nick - I lifted during gym at school.

4. What results have you seen since you joined CF?

Kevin - I lowered my CHOLESTEROL and have gotten leaner and stronger.

Nick - I've gotten stronger and gained muscle and lost some weight.

5. What do you like most about CFB?

Kevin - I like the family feel, kind of like a small town feel.

Nick - Competing against my DAD!

6. What is your favorite CF exercise/least favorite?

Kevin - Cleans, Pull ups , Push ups , Box Jumps, and  I don't even mind BURPEES! Least favorite are OHS, Snatches, and anything Over Head.

Nick - I like Back squats, and I  hate OHS.

7. What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

Kevin - I got my first Muscle up the other night and a sub 9min mile and the BIGGEST was walking through the door!

Nick - My 275# dead lift and 235# back squat

8. What CF goal(s) are you working towards? How close are you to reaching them?

Kevin - Snatch (getting under the bar) almost there , double unders (not even close)

Nick - To beat my DAD in every WOD and strength!

9. If you could create a WOD what would it look like?

Kevin - You will have to wait until April ,  just think I'll be 54 born in '64 (sorry not sorry)

Nick - Box Jumps , DB snatches , and maybe a 400m run