Cave Baby Kitchen!!



CrossFit Beyond member Chris Berghela has started a small business with some amazing products! Check Out Cave Baby Kitchen in the link below and read on to learn more about Chris and his business!

Cave baby kitchen provides only the best local ingredients in our nut milks, bone broth, treats, and baby food. Food for humans, food for families.

Chris has always had a passion for food. Given his experience in kitchens over the years and health issues forcing him to change his diet, he began questioning industrialized and lab created foods and ingredients that most of us can't pronounce. Chris found that the food industry is not being truthful about what is "natural" and "healthy." He researched, talked to health specialists and learned that pre-industrial food (PIF) was the safest way to go. The less our food is tampered with, the better.

Chris had to change the way he ate (gluten and sugar sensitivity) to improve his health but once he became a father, the health of his children became his motivation.
These little people rely on us as parents to nourish them and teach them how to navigate through life. With obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and so many food related allergies peaking through our Western way of eating, we as a community, as parents, must help guide our children in making good choices from the start. Protect them from chronic disease and many other health issues that could not only cost them their lives as adults but put them in debt due to rising healthcare costs.

Chris started experimenting with the truly healthy foods that he ate and making them family friendly. That meant making them appealing to the eye and belly all while remaining organic, genetically modified free (non GMO), gluten free, and Paleo friendly. Using the best ingredients from local co-ops and farms, Chris is able to provide proper nourishment to his family without the fear of harmful dyes and chemicals, unhealthy sugars and fats, and dairy products that we as humans are not meant to consume. This passion to feed his family only the best translates in his desire to share this food with other families. And so, Cave Baby was born.