Collar City CrossFit Fundraiser WOD-Oct. 10th!!


Fundraiser Flyer (1)

On Saturday, October 10th, join us at Collar City CrossFit in Troy to honor and raise money for Troy Police Officers Comitale and Klein who were shot and injured in the line of duty. They will be doing a PARTNER workout starting at 4pm. This workout is approximately 10 minutes long and is scalable for every fitness level. If you don't have a partner they will pair you up. After the workout they will be having a party at the gym along with raffles for prizes and a 50/50. There is NO cost to sign up and do the workout but would appreciate a donation. The officers have requested all of the money raised will be donated to fellow Officer Nick Colaneri who is battling cancer and the National Law Enforcement Fund.


The workout has been figured out and is explained below.

In teams of 2
10 Min Alt EMOM
Min 1- Max Rep Burpees
Min 2- max Rep Box Jumps
--At 10 Min Mark move right To--
2 Min Max Rep Wall Ball

Beginner- 20" Step-ups/8-10# Med Ball
Intermediate- 20" Box Jumps/14# Med Ball
Advanced- 24" Box Jumps/20# Med Ball
*Box Height and Wall Ball Weight Is For Both Male and Females.
**Score Is Total Number Of Reps Completed In The 12 Mins

CCCF is  looking to get a rough estimate of the number of people who will be attending from each gym on September 30th. This way they can make sure they have enough food for everyone after the workout. Second to go over is basket donations. They are wondering if any gyms would be interested in donating some kind of themed basket to raffle off? Collar City is doing a basket of cheer and a performance basket. Other ideas could be a movie night basket, Halloween basket, or Christmas themed to name a few. If that would be something your gym would be interested in doing please let us know what theme you would like to do. Last thing to go over is the CrossFit T-Shirt basket we are creating. They had the idea of raffling off a basket with all of the T-Shirts from gyms in our area as well as other gym from the U.S. They have shirts coming from Nor Cal, Invictus, and Krypton to name a few. If you have a shirt you would like to donate let them know and they will either come and pick it up or bring it with you the day of the event and they will finish the basket as you all get to the gym.

CCCF would like to thank everyone for all the support so far. They have gotten a lot of food and gift card donations, for after the workout, from local restaurants and shops in the area. They are getting excited for October 10th. If you have any questions about the workout, baskets, or the event in general please ask.