Comedy Show with Mo: Monday July 21st @ 8:00pm!!

CrossFitter by day....Comedian by night! Check out one of our beloved CrossFit Beyond members...Mo, as he and The Lark Tavern Comedy Open Mic are celebrating 2 years as well as taking the title of longest running comedy open mic in the capital region!

Which by the way, if you haven't seen Mo host the  regular Open Mic show, held every Monday night...what have you been waiting for! This is a perfect opportunity to get our CrossFit Beyond community together to support one of our fellow members! We hope to see a bunch of our members in the audience for this fun, fantastic, and free show! No excuse not to go! :) Check out all of the details, including the format of the show below:


The Lark Tavern Comedy Open Mic is celebrating 2 years as well as taking the title of longest running comedy open mic in the capital region!
To celebrate our two years, we will not be doing the show in the usual "open mic" but instead in the format of the highly popular Comedy Central internet based game show "@Midnight"
For those not familiar with the show these links will give a general idea of how things run
The way the show will run is there will be 6 rounds of 4 comedian contestants with a special guest comedian each round. The comics will be playing small games that will be based on the internet and the news and give you the opportunity to make one liners for to score points decided by the hot. There will be 4 games per round with a final game for the two comedians with the highest score. This final game will involve the comedians to right down their answers, which during that time a guest comedian will, who is not a contestant, will come up and do five minutes for the audience. The answers by the final two will be read aloud without and whomever's answer the audience finds funnier will win a gag prize and be the winner of that round. Each round will contain different games as to keep the show interesting. The comedians have no idea what will be asked nor will have any prepping for the show prior, thus all answers will be improvised and on the spot.

This show is Free for all and will start promptly at 8pm, thus getting there early to get a seat is highly recommended as there will be 29 performers there alone.

Monday July 21st 8pm Lark Tavern, 453 Madison Ave Albany. Serving Food and Drinks all night.

Here is a link to the facebook event:

And to the Lark Tavern comedy Open Mic facebook page for more information: