Congratulations Maria!


Congratulations to Maria DelliVeneri on receiving her CrossFit Level 1 Certification! She will be teaching a Mobility class tonight at 7:00pm! Here is a little more information about Maria! Congrats again!

Maria has taken her passion and experience working with athletes and brought it to the realm of CrossFit recently earning a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer distinction. Maria has earned a BS in Athletic Training and a MS in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University. She has over 5 years of experience as a Certified Athletic Trainer working with athletes and active individuals from the high school age to the geriatric population, DI collegiate athletes,and everyone else in between! Maria has continued her professional pursuits earning a Certificate in Massage Therapy from the Costa Rica School of Integrated Massage, as well as continuing education courses in sports performance and rehabilitation techniques. Maria began CrossFit in Vermont and couldn’t be more happy continuing the pursuit of fitness here at CrossFit Beyond since March 2012. She is an avid skiier, runner, tennis player, fitness and life enthusiast that you can often find enjoying live music or often traveling to new places.

With over 2 years experience working in orthopedic physical therapy Maria has collected skills and an eye for movement. You can test the eye for movement Tuesday nights at 7pm with her Mobility class focusing on creating, achieving, and fine tuning the movement patterns and range of motion necessary for CrossFit as well as everyday life. Maria will also be an assist coach in the CrossFit Beyond afternoon classes. Always happy to help, please feel free to contact Maria with any questions regarding mobility, pain, previous injuries you feel may be impacting your CrossFit movements as well as everyday life