Congratulations is in store for so many people today.

1. Fran! Fran took almost 6 minutes off of her time on "Angie" since April. The WOD was exactly the same except her time was "considerable" reduced. Really proud of you Fran! Keep up the good work.

2. Heather. Heather not only barreled through the WOD finishing first...but when she was done said...."I'm going to go run" What sick person after Angie goes out and runs...... We call her "Our Over Achiever"  (although we don't hold that against her)



3. Mathew and Michele!!!!! Yep Hee!!  You both found 952 Broadway again. It was truly a pleasure to have both of you back with us. NOW don't do that again! Janet and Bruce for actually coming back for their second week. It's always great to see athletes actually come back after being tortured, bruised, beat up and harassed. All of which, of course, is given with love! SO SO glad you two made it through the first week and are back for more.

5....and finally to Ramona!!  Today was Ramona's first day and she did fantastic hitting Cindy while everyone else was doing Angie. She had great pull ups, strong push ups and some very very nice squats. Great job Ramona!



  1. Michele says:

    Joy, you are by far the very “BEST”! And that is why I tell everybody about YOU!