CrossFit Beyond is Hopping!

or should we say kicking butt!
This week has started off so good. Lots of new people. Lots of excitement! LOTS OF CARS... I thought that was a 40 car parking lot.... we are going to have to get that striped! cars are going in all directions.

Congratulations on 20+ athletes on their first CrossFit WOD. Things will be slow going while things are being taught and coaches watch for safety, form and technique! CrossFit Beyond oldies.... please be patient, listen and learn. You'll be may even pick up some pointers along the way!

DON'T FORGET new or old athletes!! TOMORROW WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 @ 7PM-8PM we will be hosting a On-Ramp class for the next 4 Wednesday night. Basic movements will be taught and executed. Safety and technique are first in CrossFit...then it begins a snowball effect. Come out and learn CrossFit movements broken down into segments so you understand the mechanics of each movement.

Check out this video of more instructions to the Hang Power Clean.


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