CrossFit Beyond vs. Collar City CrossFit

We had some Flip'in FUN today.

Collar City
vs. CrossFit Beyond had teams of 14 gathering for a friendly competition.
It was fun. It was intense. It was against two very evenly matched boxes and athletes!!

The morning begin with 4 heats:
7 min AMRAP
10 push presses 95#/65#
15 pull ups
20 air squats

and from there we took it outside for the "Fortune 500" WOD

200m relay farmer carries 45#/35#
50 Tire Flips
500 Tires Push ups (guys toes on tire/ladies hands on)
500 Tire jumps
5000m row

After reviewing the WOD... teams had 5 mins to discuss/plan and strategize.
Both teams were neck and neck the whole time with both finishing within minutes of each other!!

Awesome job to both teams and a great THANK YOU Collar City for traveling down and sharing the morning with us.
Look forward to many more WODs together this spring and summer.


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