CrossFit Summer Bash 2012

What a day!!!

13 Teams of 3 and 1 singles board went head to head in the Summer Bash 2012 Event.

Some doubted the possibility of getting a perfect score.... while others said "heck yeah we can do it!!"
and that's what they did.

Trenton-Shane-Ben left no room for errors in this event. Each event was done by a scoring system with a perfect score of 700 and in 94 degree weather these guys kicked butt getting a PERFECT score!

Not far behind came the team in Purple representing CrossFit Beyond in our official colors!! Karli-Matt_Narodie(Matt) who slipped only by 5pts in the rowing... but completed everything else with a perfect score.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated. Next event will be in August!

After the WOD came what else?...... an after party. 2 dozen people lined up facing each other with water balloons for a different kind of wod.
It wasn't for strength.... It may fall under the distance category and certainly goes under the agility and coordination.

Step by step each team went further and further away from each other, tossing the water balloon with gentle hands.... some were good, some were horrible..... and the best came down to Heather and Brendan and Trenton and Shane....

The night got better and better.... HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO MARK. Cooking up a storm while the rest of us worked out. We had moist chicken, med rare steak and crisy kielbasie.
Thank you everyone else for supplying us with all the extras!!! We couldn't have done it without you!