CrossFit Team Series Sign up!!

CrossFit is holding a Team Series Competition similar to the Open Competition. For any CrossFit Beyond members who are interested and looking for teammates, we will have a white board sign up at the gym, but you must officially register your team online. Check out all of the details below! You must register before August 28th when the first team workout will be released.


  • This will be an online competition—much like the Open is.

  • The series will consist of three separate competitions, as well as an overall leaderboard for teams who complete the series.

  • Teams will consist of two men and two women who perform the workouts together. Additionally, teams can include members from different gyms and there is no requirement for how long they have trained together.

  • There will be scaled divisions, including masters.

  • Each of the competitions will feature MULTIPLE WORKOUTS, with the first set to be released the week of August 28, followed by additional workouts the weeks of September 18 and October 9, 2014. The number and style of the workouts will be announced on these dates.

  • Once a workout is announced, teams have three days to submit their scores. All workouts for a given competition will be released on Thursday at 8:00PM . Teams will have until the following Monday at 8:00PM to validly complete the workouts and submit results.

  • Workout Format will include the following:

    • Required movements, including starting and ending ranges of the movement, prohibited technique(s), accessories and/or equipment
      (if any), and any adjustments by division.

    • Required number of repetitions and/or repetition scheme.

    • Required equipment. Teams should have access to a video camera, digital clock, tape measure, standard Olympic-style barbell and plates, Concept2 rower, 20-lb. and 14-lb. medicine balls, pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, jump rope and other equipment commonly found in a CrossFit-affiliated gym. CrossFit Inc. will not supply or make available any necessary equipment, and it is the team’s sole
      responsibility to secure any equipment necessary to validly perform a workout.

    • Required amount of weight in pounds. For the purpose of CrossFit competitions, 15-kg weightlifting bars will be considered to be 35 lb. and 20-kg bars will be considered to be 45 lb. Collars used to hold weight plates on the bar will NOT be included in the total weight.

    • Time domain or time limit

    • Scoring format

    • Filming and submission guidelines

      • Validation is required to make any CrossFit Team Series workout result official. Teams must have their scores validated either by a judge at a
        CrossFit affiliate or by uploading a video of the workouts to the CrossFit Team Series website. If no CrossFit affiliate is available, the only alternative is to submit video of the workouts.

  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each competition and to the overall leaders once the series is complete.

  • Registration will cost $100 for each CrossFit affiliate teams.