Did you know?

Albany ChainBreakers
Did you know that CrossFit Beyond has been working with Teens every Friday night for over 2 years?
Our Group is called the Albany Chain Breakers and this has been our mission since it's inception.

The Albany Chain Breakers is an organization created to serve as a gateway between teens and a lifestyle of health and fitness. The program is designed to teach teens,11-16 years old the fundamentals of CrossFit and participate in CrossFit classes. It is developed to improve overall fitness coupled with expanding interests, experiences and opportunities.

The program “Goes Beyond Fitness”. We are committed to inspiring hope, creating a healthy lifestyle and developing stability, physical fitness and success in our youth and in the community. Our building is a safe haven, an environment which provides a safe place for teens to find their identity, be mentored and to build self esteem. The Albany Chain Breakers uses CrossFit to encourage teens to work cooperatively in individual and team situations while learning and enhancing social skills.

The Albany Chain Breakers provides 12-24 teens a place to meet Friday nights at 7pm-8pm to participate, enjoy fitness, and develop a lifelong healthy lifestyle. CrossFit provides the skills and opportunity for all ability levels to workout. CrossFit just doesn’t change bodies, it changes minds!

CrossFit Beyond has participated and partnered with several local agencies in developing health and fitness awareness to dozens of Albany youth including: CDPHP, Girls Inc., Police Athletic Department, The National Guard, Albany Police Department,Trinity Alliance, Albany Park and Recreation, and St. Anne’s Institute.

Albany Chain Breakers