Free Handstand and Breathing Seminar this Sunday 3/22!!


2 Part Seminar-Sunday March 22nd from 2:00-5:30

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Handstand Seminar
Breathing Seminar

Handstand Seminar:
This class is designed with the novice inversion enthusiast in mind. Handstands and handstand walking are great ways to combine strength, stability, stamina, flexibility and balance all in one fun movement, which is sure to impress your friends, co-workers and in-laws. This 3 hour class will cover headstands, handstands, handstand walking, handstand push-ups and handstands on objects. Participants will learn strengthening techniques and skill progressions for mastering headstands and handstands. An emphasis will be placed on “bailing”, (or, how to fall safely and gracefully), so you can convincingly assert: “I meant to do that!” While some participants may well outright master handstands during the class, the true objective is to get everyone to a place where he or she is confident practicing handstands without a fear of falling, and has the requisite handstand erudition to make practice fruitful.

Remain Calm, and Breath Normally: A class on healthy breathing habits

Among the few things that might garner unanimous agreement is the crucial role breathing plays in sustaining life. Simply not suffocating in no way assures that breathing is occurring optimally, and in fact, an estimated 10% of the population suffers from breathing disorders, and a substantially higher percentage suffers from sub-clinical breathing faults. Beyond saturating the blood with oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide from the body, breath plays an important role in organ health, pelvic floor health, and joint health, especially as regards the back, ribs and neck. Even minor breathing faults can contribute to back stiffness, neck pain, chronic anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating.
At rest, the average rate of respiration falls between 10-14 breaths per minute, which projects to roughly 17,300 breaths each day, and 6, 250,000 each year. Making even a minor change for the better in the perpetual cycle of breath can have a tremendously positive effect on joint health and overall emotional outlook.
This free, one-hour(ish) seminar contains a lecture portion explaining the rudiments of how breath works in the human body, and experiential exercises for participants to explore their own breathing patterns, recognize any faults which may exist, and move toward healthier, more nurturing breathing.