Free Massages this Friday 3/28 and Saturday 3/29!!

As the CrossFit Open comes to an end this week, what better way for our CrossFit Beyond members to reward themselves for all of their hard work over the past 5 weeks than with a FREE pre and post event sports massage!! Participate in the 14.5 Open WOD and meet the new addition to the CrossFit Beyond family-Lauren!!


Lauren has completed 1,020 hours in the study of Massage Therapy, both theoretic and practical and received her certificate in Massage Therapy from the Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy, as well as having passed the New York State Boards Examination. She has provided post event sports massage on cyclists who participated in the 2013 Tour de Cure: American Diabetes Association race in Saratoga Springs. Lauren had the opportunity to work on cyclists who rode anywhere from 10-100 miles that day. Lauren also provided pre and post event sports massage at the 2013 Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K in Albany. She has worked in the public clinic at the Center for Natural Wellness School and provided massage of different modalities to the public. In addition to this, she has volunteered her time at The Community Hospice at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, providing massages for patients, their friends and family, as well as the staff. This was an extremely humbling and rewarding experience for her. Lauren began her CrossFit journey this winter while in Key West and has continued to attend 6PM classes at CrossFit Beyond where she hopes to become a valuable member to the CrossFit Beyond community with her massage and bodywork practice.

We are so excited to welcome her on board to the CrossFit Beyond staff!

This week Lauren will be available on Friday night 3/28 and Saturday morning 3/29 to provide free pre and post event sports massage to anyone participating in the 14.5 Open WOD (competitors & non competitors). Event massage is designed to help the athlete prepare for and recover from physical exertion and is administered on the day of activity. Event massage is fast paced and of short duration, usually lasting only 10-15 minutes. Therefore, it is generally done only on the large muscles of either the upper or lower body, whichever is more stressed by the activity. Some goals of pre-event massage are to soften and loosen the muscles and other connective tissue, decrease excess muscles tension and help the athletes reach a positive state of mind by feeling their muscles relax and thus creating a greater sense of ease with movement. Post-event massage goals are to return muscles to resting tone and length, assist venous return to support metabolic recovery, deactivate trigger/tender points that may have developed during activity, and to reduce the risk of delayed onset muscles soreness.

There will be a sign up sheet posted this week with available times on Friday and Saturday (3/28&29). Please sign up if you are interested! This free clinic will give CrossFit Beyond members a chance to sample Lauren’s work and allow her to meet members from other classes. Lauren will continue to post her available times each week along with her contact information so you can set appointments with her.