Friday CrossFit Trivia

In anticipation of the upcoming CrossFit Games, our own CrossFit Beyond member, Tom O'Grady was kind enough to put this CrossFit Trivia challenge together. Tom claims that many long time CrossFitters may find it easy, but that there are a few questions here to challenge everybody. Thanks Tom! The answers are located way on the peeking! Leave a comment with how many you got right! Good Luck!
1.) A “Chipper” is a:
a) Mobility movement designed to increase ankle flexibility
b) Hero WOD
c) Sledge hammer movement where a tire is struck repetitively
d) A WOD with many types a movements strung together

2.) Which of the following is a list of CrossFit Games Champions?
a) Graham Holmberg, Rich Froning, Kristan Clever
b) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Annie Thorisdottir, Elizabeth Akinwale
c) Julie Foucher, Lindsey Valenzuela, Dan Bailey
d) Talayna Fortunato, Kyle Kasperbaur, Jason Khalipa

3.) This region will have the most athletes competing in the 2013 CrossFit Games:
a) North East
b) Canada West
c) Central East
d) Europe

4.) One pood equals:
a) 45.23 pounds
b) 36.11 pounds
c) 39.10 pounds
d) 40.45 pounds

5.) This percentage represents what is traditionally women’s RX weight compared to
men’s RX weight:
a) 65%
b) 70%
c) 75%
d) 80%

6.) Commonly called “The Ranch”, the first three CrossFit Games were held at a
CrossFit facility in this city:
a) Walnut Creek, CA
b) Oxnard, CA
c) Santa Monica, CA
d) Aromas, CA

7.) This WOD requires the athlete to complete 30 snatches for time:
a) Isabel
b) Grace
c) Linda
d) Nicole

8.) All of these companies sponsor the CrossFit Games except:
a) Reebok
b) Rogue
c) Progenex
d) Nike
e) GNC

9.) Lieutenant Michael Murphy, inspiration for the Hero WOD “Murph”, was a
CrossFitter and member of this elite unit:
a) Army Rangers
b) Marine Recon
c) Navy SEALs
d) Air Force Pararescue

10.) CrossFit gyms, or “boxes”, are referred to as this by the CrossFit corporate
a) Affiliates
b) Franchises
c) Branches
d) Locations

11.) This athlete was invited to compete in the 2013 CrossFit Games despite not
finishing Regionals in a qualifying spot:
a) Annie Thorisdottir
b) Kristan Clever
c) Julie Foucher
d) Lindsey Valenzuela

12.) This “Masters Division” age group will be new to the 2013 CrossFit Games:
a) 40-44
b) 45-49
c) 50-55
d) 55+

13.) Which of the following celebrities is NOT a Crossfitter:
a) Jessica Biel
b) Brad Pitt
c) Cameron Diaz
d) Ryan Reynolds
e) Jason Statham

1.D 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.A 11.B 12.A 13.D