Girls just want to have fun!

The women this weekend did their first "Angie" workout. Doubt was on their face at first but in less the 30mins they were done!!! Great job to Fran, Amanda and Deb for pushing through this movements. Fran don't ever underestimate yourself you did great today. I knew you had this!!!! Amanda you get extra credit for the mile hike back and forth from the gym. Good job!


It was great to have Deb at CrossFit Beyond for the first time. She came in and saw the "toys" and eventually went for the rings. I love it when athletes want to try out the equipment, it makes me feel great.

I want someone to try the ropes with me!

In any case you haven't lost anything Deb, nice job!


  1. Beats By Dre says:

    Highly descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?