Goal Setting

"A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline"

As the Open is approaching and competitions are more frequent, many of us are getting excited and anxious to see more improvement. In order to improve you need to have goals. If you don't set a deadline for this goal, then it's really just a dream. For me, registering for competitions gives me a real deadline for when I need to achieve my goals. Pull-ups are still my goat, (though I have quite the herd of goats, I could probably be a shepard) but I when I registered for an RX competition, in a month I went from blue bands, to purple bands, to NO band! I saw a real improvement when I set a deadline to accomplish this goal.

Here are some tips to remember when setting your goals:

  1. Figure out your priorities and values and set your goals based on those. Make sure it is something you really want.

  2. Be specific! There will be no question later on down the road on whether or not you accomplished the goal if you are specific. (ie: I want to get 3 unassisted, strict pullups; I want to get 100 DUs unbroken; I want to lose 3% body fat)

  3. Make sure it is achievable. Take one step at a time. You can't expect to go from a green band pull-up to a muscle up in a week, but you can set mini-goals to help you reach your ultimate goal.

  4. Write them down AND share them with others! (Especially your coaches!) Be held accountable for achieving your goals and ask for help!

  5. Make a precise deadline. I need to accomplish this goal by ____.

  6. Make a plan of action! Show up early, stay late, get support, do the work!