GREAT Week at CrossFit Beyond

(Rob and Melissa missing from photo)

We have had such a great week. Started off doing power cleans which proved to be very very successful. I think it finally "click" with people that hips are so important.

Then we had heavy deadlift day, the fun power clean complex and into, maybe not so fun "Barbara".
Barbara looked innocent, she looked pretty easy, she was all basic movements.... how bad can it be?
30...40....50 minutes later (for some) and it was finally over!! GOOD NEWS was that lead us into the Nutrition Class.

Our 3rd Nutrition Class was a huge success! Hopefully everyone left with more knowledge of what food does to our bodies and how we can become healthy, happy, strong athletes! Please review the packets and let us know if you have any questions on the Paleo Diet. More packets will be made for all those who didn't get one!

FINALLY! Thank you so much for the great group of people who came out Wednesday night run in the Boys and Girls Club 5k Race. CrossFit Beyond certainly rocked the race!!! We made a mark, we made our voices heard and we let people know we were there with our loud cheers AND with our new CrossFit Beyond shirts! Rob took 2nd place and Melissa was at the top for women. Congratulations to Andres for doing his first 5k race and Deb for finish the race PUSHING A BABY STROLLER!