Gymnastics Seminar with Chris Gatti this Sat. @ 10am!!


This SATURDAY February 20 (right after the Memorial WOD) 10am-12:30pm

Join us for a GYMNASTIC SEMINAR with Chris Gatti!! This is FREE to all CrossFit Beyond Members and is an amazing opportunity to learn about gymnastic movements! Don't miss out!

Chris Gatti was a gymnast for over 25 years and recently completed an 18 month tour in South America with Cirque du Soleil. He is an expert handbalancer and a specialist in movement and bodyweight strength. He has coached gymnastics ranging from toddlers to adults, including international caliber collegiate gymnasts. He also has multiple engineering degrees from the University of Michigan and from Rensselaer. Learn more about him at and check out some of his what he does on Instagram under the name bearded_mann.

- Topics:
Handstands: Body position/alignment, balancing, handstand walking
Muscle-ups: Technique, essential strength, progressions, avoiding injuries
Rope climbing: Progressions and drills
Shoulder prehab: Theraband prehab, general shoulder strength exercises