Happy Endings

This week at CrossFit Beyond was very busy!

Since the signs have gone up we have been getting alot of inquires about CrossFit and what we do down here or we hear the voices of excited people that say "there's a CrossFit downtown" ALL great news!
There wasn't just talk we had four visitors to CrossFit Beyond this week, Ramona, Tim, Justin and Kathy, all of whom came already in good shape looking to get in on a WOD. We hope they enjoyed the classes and hope to have them come back again.
Thursday was a great day at "Diane", everyone had a great weight and time.
Friday ended on a really nice note with everyone finishing the WOD under the 30 minute cap.

Next week will be another busy week down on Broadway as CrossFit Beyond will be hostingĀ  a Kids Camp with PAL (Police Athletic Department). Kids ages 5-13 will not only be experiencing CrossFit but we will be hosting the Kids Olympics right here at CrossFit Beyond! We're very (very) excited to be able to share our site and services to the summer camp program.

Adults look forward to some of those Olympic events and fun to come your way throughout the week.....