“I have found a competitive way to work out with other people and find small improvements and gains to keep me coming back for more! “


"I have found a competitive way to work out with other people and find small improvements and gains to keep me coming back for more! "

This month's Spotlight Athlete is Justin! Justin has been at CrossFit Beyond for almost two years. He has always been into sports and he truly enjoys the challenge, competitiveness, and sense of community at Beyond! He has noticed a lot of improvements with his flexibility and form since joining our gym but his most exciting improvement has been with his golf swing! Check out his story below!

1. Tell us about yourself

I am 30 years old, married and about to have twin boys.  I have lived in the area for 4 years but am originally from eastern Massachusetts.  After my 6 a.m. CF class I stay downtown and go to work as a banker - specifically in commercial lending.

2. When/why did you first start doing crossfit?
I have now been doing CF at CF beyond for over a year and a half.  I joined because I was searching for a platform that would motivate me to stay with working out on a consistent basis.  I would habitually go to the gym or find other ways of working out for 3 month spurts and then become lazy again.

Fortunately, the accountability factor has worked for me where I may miss more days than I should, the competitive nature of the group workouts and the consistency that everyone else brings to the table has helped me to stay engaged for all this time!

3. What fitness activities were you doing before?
I have always been into sports and therefore I learned and focused on lifting throughout my life just as a supplement to my seasonal sports.  Once done with real competition I would have physical activity from random leagues and then various gym stints and I do love hot yoga.  I am terrible at it but I enjoy the combination of the sweat, hard work it takes me and the stretch that I desperately need.

4. What results have you seen since you joined CF?
I have certainly seen improvement in my flexibility since joining CF...still with a long way to go.  Naturally I continue to gain strength and hardly ever have to scale with regards to weight so that is good.  Most importantly, I slowly improve my form in every exercise as I started out with many struggles we cross these off the list as time goes on.  This year I was able to point directly to my Golf Swing as evidence that CF helped my flexibility which made it all worth it.

5. What do you like most about CFB?
The easy answer for what I like most about CFB is the people which leads to the community.  Obviously it is a very welcoming group but the format enables you to become very close with the group that you are typically with, now I feel that way with the 6 a.m. class where it is a great fun group of people to grow close to.

6. What is your favorite CF exercise/least favorite?
 I enjoy cleans because they seem to be my most naturally easy exercise and I can continue to improve and go up in weight...everything else tests my flexibility and form so much that they are more stressful.

My lease favorite exercise is Toes2Bar - I cannot get the kip form down for them and it drives me insane.  And snatches...

7. What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?
It took me a long time, and still needs work, to consistently get my body in the right position for heavy deadlifting.  If I am not very careful then my back feels it the next day - but my best accomplishment is just feeling like I have this down now without major coaching every time.  It is a long road with me but thank goodness for the patience of coaches.

8. What CF goal(s) are you working towards? How close are you to reaching them?
I am starting to work on muscle ups more often so that is my next goal...I recently got banded bar muscle ups so that is a good sign.  The false grip gets the best of me so we will see.  The good news is, if i get the bar muscle up first then the kip should translate to toes2bar as well and I wont have that issue lingering quite as much!

9. If you could create a word what would it look like?
I like AMRAPs so I know that the end is in sight...so I would probably do a 10 minute AMRAP that involved Cleans, Pull Ups, and Headstand Push Ups; I like when things are challenging but do not have me thinking about form the whole time, stressing out that I might be doing something wrong.

I have a lot of fun and am glad that I have found a competitive way to work out with other people and find small improvements and gains to keep me coming back for more!