“I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun.”

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"I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night, and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun."

This month's Spotlight Athletes are a father-son duo! They are high energy and impressive to watch in a workout! Kevin and Nick have fun attitudes and are in constant "friendly" competition with each other. Check out their story below!

1. Tell us about yourself

Kevin - I'm 53 years old Bald and formally fat not much more to tell... oh and a Grandfather

I can best be described as:

"I've got a beer-stained t-shirt looking like Joe Dirt
Something 'bout me just ain't right
I'm a cash-stealing, drug-dealing loser without any feeling
I Get trailer trash drunk every night"

Nick - I'm a 15 year old High School student. I like sports and will be playing Football next year for Columbia.  Come out and see me play!

2. When/why did you first start doing crossfit?

Kevin - This April will be 2 years for me.  I never liked the Gym atmosphere. I was working out just lifting weights in the garage one night looking for different exercises and I came across something called CrossFit. After watching a few videos, I tried some of the GIRL WODS like Fran and Cindy and would then do my workout. After a few months I walked in the door at Beyond.

Nick - I would come and watch my Dad on Monday night and one night Joy asked if I wanted to join in on all the fun.  That was about a year ago.

3. What fitness activities were you doing before?

Kevin - what fitness level was I before... I don't think I had a Level. I just lifted in the garage.

Nick - I lifted during gym at school.

4. What results have you seen since you joined CF?

Kevin - I lowered my CHOLESTEROL and have gotten leaner and stronger.

Nick - I've gotten stronger and gained muscle and lost some weight.

5. What do you like most about CFB?

Kevin - I like the family feel, kind of like a small town feel.

Nick - Competing against my DAD!

6. What is your favorite CF exercise/least favorite?

Kevin - Cleans, Pull ups , Push ups , Box Jumps, and  I don't even mind BURPEES! Least favorite are OHS, Snatches, and anything Over Head.

Nick - I like Back squats, and I  hate OHS.

7. What CF accomplishment are you currently most proud of?

Kevin - I got my first Muscle up the other night and a sub 9min mile and the BIGGEST was walking through the door!

Nick - My 275# dead lift and 235# back squat

8. What CF goal(s) are you working towards? How close are you to reaching them?

Kevin - Snatch (getting under the bar) almost there , double unders (not even close)

Nick - To beat my DAD in every WOD and strength!

9. If you could create a WOD what would it look like?

Kevin - You will have to wait until April ,  just think I'll be 54 born in '64 (sorry not sorry)

Nick - Box Jumps , DB snatches , and maybe a 400m run