Introducing Coach Carolynn!!



Carolynn will be coaching alongside Mo with the Kids Class on Sundays and with Mark on Tuesday Nights, during the 6pm class. We are very excited to have Carolynn join our staff here at CrossFit Beyond!

Carolynn Mejias is a CF-L1 Trainer and adaptive physical educator. During her childhood in East Greenbush, NY she was dedicated to a variety of athletic pursuits such as cheerleading, gymnastics, running, and softball. Over the past decade Carolynn has been involved in local before and after-school organizations implementing recreation and fitness programs to the local youth. It was while attending Graduate school at Northern California Sonoma State University in 2012 that she began participating in CrossFit. Three years later she completed her master’s degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with a concentration on adaptive physical education. Carolynn’s emphasis was on the benefits of functional fitness for students on the Autism Spectrum. She also worked as a CF_L1 trainer and nutrition coach in Santa Rosa, California motivating and inspiriting people to always push their fitness to the next level. Carolynn recently moved back to the Capital district with her husband and two children.

What Carolynn loves about CrossFit is that it can be modified to fit any individual. It is this aspect of CrossFit which creates an environment of variance where one is always challenging their weaknesses. Allowing athletes to always be making gains and avoid getting stuck in repetitive routines that don’t bring benefits.