Let ‘Er Rip!

Last Saturday, I ripped a callus open on my hand for the first time, during an intense WOD, that required a large amount of pull-ups. For most, this happens numerous times, and there is little thought about what to do to best help it heal. It


becomes second nature, but for me this was a first time experience.  I was delighted at first, feeling like I was finally a part of the ripped callus club, however, as the days went on that little ripped callus became quite annoying and painful.

Joy is a big proponent of using salt on the ripped calluses, letting them air out during the day, and covering them up at night while you sleep. My best friend Jen, who is a CrossFit Box affiliate with her fiance John, keeps a pumice stone in her shower and scrapes her calluses while they are moist. I tried both of these techniques, and less than a week later my hand is almost back to normal.

This got me to wondering what some other tricks and tips are for both preventing and caring for calluses and ripped up hands. What are some tips of how to tape your hand for a WOD if your calluses are ripped open? Here is a great article from tabatatimes.com:


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