Meet the OLY Coach this Sat. 10/17 @ 10am!!


Lift with CrossFit Beyond's Olympic Lifting Coach-Jamie T. Verner

Saturday, October 17 10-11am

Members and Non-Members are invited to come.

Remember OPEN GYM is free every week to the public on Saturdays.

Watch. Learn. Participate in Olympic lifting with the Coach.

**Regular OLY classes are EVERY Sunday from 10-11am**

Jamie Vener is a

2 time Liberty Games Gold Medalist

2 time AWR Silver Medalist

Iron Game Athletics Owner

"When I started doing CrossFit in 2011 weightlifting was just about non-existent in the Capitol region. For that matter you could count on one hand the number of CF affiliates. That has changed quite radically and now not only are there lots of choices for CF, there's quite a lot of quality weightlifting coaches and gym's to get your lift on. So, long story short IronGame Athletics owner, two time Liberty Games Masters Gold medalist, two time AWF Silver medalist has taken up residence at one of the Capitol regions first boxes Crossfit Beyond. Owner head coach Joy Smolinski has been at the forefront of the CrossFit movement since the very beginning and boasts more certifications and hands on training with the biggest names in our sport than would be practical to list. So, if you're new to CrossFit, looking to get back to it or need a tune up on your weightlifting technique, stop in check out a class, get back to basics and jump on the gain train." -Jamie T. Verner