More Double Under Tips!

I recently found this article about some tips for getting those elusive double unders!sicfitcrossfittonyswannphotography435

In Pursuit of the Elusive Double Unders

Things that worked well for me:

  • A slower rope- I'm far from an expert on DUs, but I can finsh 100 in a little over a minute and walk away without too many whip marks! A few months ago I was using a thick cable speed rope. It moved slower and I was able to find the rhythm and learn the technique. (it also didn't hurt as bad!)

  • Length- both of my ropes are the perfect length for me. (Which is actually slightly shorter than recommended, but I can spin it faster)

  • Tempo- Super important to find and keep a tempo. If that means listening to a song and jumping with a beat or using a metronome app on your smartphone, then do it! It helps!

Keep practicing!