Morning vs. Night

The competition continues....

The night crew has it out to bet the times of the morning. Having the advantage of knowing what to shot  for I'm sure has some play in the scores that the morning crew doesn't have.  I have to admit it is fun and I love my morning class, the night class is jealous I bring morning treats to them and not night treats for them...   :)
Treats will come night crew I PROMISE.

AND although I love the morning crew...I have to admit when I participate in one of the WODs like tonight I usually get that same feeling of what did "they" get and "I want to bet that"

AND that's what happened today....sorry morning crew we had the advantage of looking at your times and pushing to not just bet that but bet the two other teams around us.

Teams were paired up very very close in ability levels as the morning was within seconds and so was the evening.
Great Partner Workout!

Enjoy the weekend those taking two days off.... see ya Monday for Strength.

WEEKEND REMINDERS:  Irene will be back for 1 more night of Yoga Wednesday, Nov. 2 @ 6pm instead of the regular class.
Next Saturday, Nov. 5 we have Richard Condon introducing Handstands and Handstand pushups 1-4pm. I am very very excited about that. He will be teaching the progression and the scaling to both movements. This is a treat as well as a gift from CrossFit Beyond to offer this to their athletes. Take advantage of it as these movements will be incorporated in the WODs the following week. The seminar is closed to 12. (which we have already) I will step out of the hands on part if someone else wanted to get in though... so please let me know asap if you are interested.


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