New Class Starting Sun. Sept. 11th!!


IMG_4505NEW class Sunday mornings starting September 11: Time TBA 8am or 9am
Class will be 1-1.5 and will concentrate on extra time for skill and then a WOD.
It will be a combination of several factors:
1. Working on SUCK lists
2. Working on Skill
3. Utilizing equipment we typically don't use because of limited equipment.
ex. jerk blocks, axle bars, possibly stone work.
4. More mobility work

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Bringing together those that want extra work. Building a team for the OPENs, PREPARING people for the OPENs, working on those skills, movements and muscle groups to get us there.
GOAL is to advance those up the ranks....
EX. Kristi was 582 in the NE.... we would work on getting in the 300-400s

Kristi and Joy will be stratagizing what movements need work by looking at previous OPEN WODs and comparisons of weights elite vs. average and work up to those weights of in between elite and average!


Bringing back “Beyond Class” 9-10:30 on Sundays.
Coach: Kristi Freitag
Kristi has a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s degree in coaching pedagogy from SUNY Cortland. She also has a passion for nutrition and is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.
Growing up Kristi was always actively playing sports such as basketball, softball, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. After college when she no longer played basketball she found CrossFit and was hooked! CrossFit filled that competitive void in her life after college. Kristi loves competing every day at the box with the CrossFit community. “The constant encouragement and motivation from the CrossFit community is what makes it so special” says Kristi. The desire to help family and friends live a healthy and active lifestyle led her to become a Physical Education Teacher and coach. She says, “The movement CrossFit has made across the nation to help people live an active lifestyle is incredible and I am grateful to be a part of it.”
Kristi’s favorite part about CrossFit is the daily friendly competition and personal achievements that motivate herself and others to work harder than ever thought possible. She loveslearning new skills, Olympic lifting, and the excitement of every WOD.