Nutrition Class Wednesday Night!

Want to take your fitness to a new level?
Want to perform better and feel better?

80% of success in your health is what you put in your body.
Learn the basic concept of the Zone and Paleo diet.

Don't miss out!
You will leave knowing about the basic nutrition you need to jump start a new life style.
You will leave with a packet of information and new ides to get you slim.
Learn the good, the bad and the ugly!

Nutrition Class
Wednesday, Jan 22
7 PM

Food is a drug and can be addictive as cocaine

What food does to your body

Good Carbs - Bad Carbs

Glycemic Index

Zone vs. Paleo

Zone Diet by Barry Sears

Paleo - the Paleolithic Diet;

Pantry and Fridge

Food List

Body Composition