Only 9 days left!!



There are only 9 days left for the April 100 strict pull-ups challenge! So get to work and get your 100 in! As a way to really focus and work on our upper body strength we have had our members strive for 100 strict pull-ups in 30 days! Just wait and see what challenges we have coming up for the months of May and June... dun dun dun!!

Remember, scaling options are of course available for everyone- whether you can't do a strict pull up (yet) or you can do 100 in ten minutes, challenge yourself and have fun with it! Just as a reminder, here are the scaling options and directions:



1. Negative pull-ups

2. Strict pull-ups

3. Weighted pull-ups (write your weight next to your name on the chart)


1. Find your name on the chart

2. Everyday that you come into CrossFit Beyond, try to do a few strict pull-ups when you have time (Before class, after class, during open gym)

3. Shade in the number of pull-ups that you complete each day

4. Remember-you have had 30 days to get 100!