Practice Virtuosity

IMG_20130302_104509Tomorrow, Open WOD 13.1 will be released and athletes across the WORLD will be busting it in attempt to reach the next level of competition, Regionals. So besides being overall stronger, what separates these Games athletes from others? Why are the top athletes so good? How do they dominate in the Open workouts?

They practice and perform with virtuosity.

Holley Dickmeyer at CrossFit Intrepid responded to Doug Chapman’s article on virtuosity, written last June, and highlights why the best athletes dominate in competition:
[T]he top athletes complete each movement the exact same way every time, almost making it difficult to keep up with the rep count. These athletes train with “uncompromising attention to detail everyday.” Virtuosity is achieved through practically perfect movements even during practice so that great form becomes muscle memory, almost automatic. Athletes consistently getting no reps are a result of not meeting the standard for movements during training. If you do a movement wrong or don’t complete the movement on a regular basis, you sure aren’t going to do it correctly every time in competition.9cc413daedbb0559e740a00c6c8491cf

Hold yourself to the same high standard. If you aren't up to standard, then work on mobility or practice until you get it right. There is a big difference between doing a WOD "a lil' janky" and doing it RX. As RX means prescribed weight and reps done through the full range of motion. If the movement is a squat clean, I want to see you break parallel every time. Muscle-ups? Lock out your arms at the top. Pull-ups? Chin over bar or chest to bar. Those of us that have taken the judges course online need to call out the no reps. So leave your ego at the door because this is for your benefit!

Push yourself every day to stick to the standards, if you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.