Proud Trainer

It is so rewarding when athletes do well.
Today's post is talking just about that. Starting at the 6am class all the way to the 6pm class.
Front Squats and stretching with Kelly Starrett, Episode 223/365: Fixing Elbow Pain in The Front Rack

I totally believe stretching the right muscles on strength days improves the lifts. I "personally" can testify that incorporating some of the stretches right from the Mobility WODs has helped make PR's.

But that's not why I'm proud. I'm proud because the women today (men were MIA) really were determined to do this and do it right. Rosina, Holly and Maureen all had failed at one point, but didn't give up then. They each took a break, did some more stretches and hit again and DID IT! That's why I'm proud.

Tonight's class did things a little different, as it was Michele's and Makenna's first time at CrossFit Beyond. While Heather fit in this mornings Strength with not only a 2000m row but then came around and hit the WOD with Michele and Makenna!

10 min AMRAP - 200m run (around the beautifully mowed park); pullups, pushups, situps and squats. Everyone held their own except Makenna. Once we opened up the "Gate" she was off...................... phe·nom·e·nal  This 9 year old is an awesome athlete. The kind you want to stay with you forever, to see them grow, to see their passion, to feel their energy! Enjoyed you very much being apart of the class tonight Makenna.

Great job to all the CrossFit Beyond women today.... from morning to night!