Reminder-SEALFIT Seminar this Thursday the 12th @7pm-Join us!


Join us on Thursday May 12th at 7pm for this awesome SEALFIT Seminar! FREE to all CrossFit Beyond members! Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Instructed by Dalton Divine, (Mark Divine's nephew-Mark is the Founder and CEO of SEALFIT).


A little about Dalton Divine:

I’ve been active in CrossFit for the past 7 years and I am the youngest person to ever complete the SealFit Kokoro Camp, this is a 50 hour crucible experience and considered a “mock Navy Seal Hell Week”.

The camp has been completed by several elite CrossFit athletes such as Greg Amundson, Kristan Clever, Lindsey Valenzuela, and Tommy Hackenbruck and has been described by Ironman athletes as “the physical, mental, and emotional equivalent of 3 Ironmen back-to-back."

My uncle, Mark Divine, is a former Navy Seal, the founder of SealFit, and an expert in the field of developing mental toughness.


****Dalton will be instructing a 60 minute workshop to CrossFit Beyond athletes on strategies taught by SealFit that will develop mental toughness to help both intermediate and advanced CrossFit athletes break though plateaus.

In the CrossFit community, mental toughness is sometimes thought of as an intangible force that some people have and others don't. As a result of this, athletes only focus on the physical domain and the mental aspects get overlooked so there is a lot of room for growth there.

To give you some more context on what the hour will entail, the lecture is structured around 3 strategies my uncle teaches at SealFit to build mental toughness and each part is related back to a workout scenario to reinforce the idea. The strategies are:

1) Micro-goals

This includes how to break down the workout mentally into smaller more manageable parts based off of your fitness level and creating a game plan before entering the workout, visualizing every aspect and movement.

2) Positive self-talk

This explores what our internal dialogue looks like when we workout. Are you focused on the clock and comparing yourself to everyone around you? Is the doubt that you can keep going or finish creeping in? How do you instead stay focused internally, on the task at hand, telling yourself that you can keep going and re-directing negative thought patterns.

3) Developing a mantra

This is a phrase that has a personal significance to you that you can use to re-direct and reinforce your mindset when you start to see that you're thinking negatively. I'll talk about what I think makes a powerful mantra, how to apply it within the workout, give out some starter mantras, and try to help some people create their own mantras.

For more information on SEALFIT, check out the link below: